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Tighten Your Shoelaces is designed to help entrepreneurs, business owners and other business decision-makers defend and grow their brands during a crisis. The book follows a mini case study format which features several globally-recognized companies, including Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty, Ben & Jerry’s, Whole Foods, Blackberry, Burberry, Zappos, Southwest Airlines, Domino’s Pizza, Nike, Marvel and Lego.

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Are your marketing campaigns and HR initiatives failing to hit the mark?
If your marketing campaigns and HR initiatives aren’t giving you the results you’re looking for, chances are that it’s because your marketing and HR teams are working independently of each other when they should be working more collaboratively – sharing information and resources and working towards common goals. Modern companies all over the world are pairing their marketing and HR teams to work more closely together – either on a project-by-project basis or as a fully integrated unit. You should be too.
Branding + HR = “Bhranding”
Ron is the creator of “The Bhranding Equation” (Branding + HR = “Bhranding”) a framework designed to help businesses tear down the silos between their branding and HR teams and replace those synergies with powerful organizational synergies. “The Bhranding Equation” is comprised of six keys that, once mastered, can help business leaders unlock stronger brands and stronger businesses.
Key #1

Start With The End in Mind

Great branding is all about solving business challenges. Starting with the end in mind is all about having a clear sense of direction about where you want to take your organization, clarifying what branding and business goals you want to achieve, and about building a strong branding foundation for future business success.

Key #2

Tell a Compelling Brand Story

The most successful brands tell (and re-tell) a compelling brand story that helps them to become more known, liked and trusted by their employees, customers, vendors/suppliers, the media and other stakeholders that matter most to the organization.

Key #3

Build a Highly Engaged Village

It takes a village to raise a brand! No matter how clever your marketing team may be, they can’t build a brand on their own. To build a strong brand, you need to build a highly engaged village of supporters, influencers and brand ambassadors (both inside and outside of the organization) who are excited about helping your organization to achieve its branding and business goals.

Key #4

Anchor Your Culture in Place

The world’s most powerful brands use brand anchors (such as dynamic purpose, core values, a vibrant vision for their organization’s future, company norms, policies and regulations, and operating principles) to help “anchor” their organizational culture in place.

Key #5

Design a Remarkable Brand Experience

Brands with exceptionally strong employee and customer loyalty aim not for “excellent” or “exceptional” brand experiences, but for “remarkable” brand experiences – the type of positive experiences that get employees, customers and other stakeholders to remark positively about the experience they receive with the brand.

Key #6

Measure, Monitor & Refine

What gets measured, gets managed. In order to efficiently manage and improve on desired outcomes, your organization must decide on, and actively manage, a select group of critical organization metrics and indicators and be prepared to make improvements to these metrics over time.
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Ground-Breaking Content
Ron is the creator of “The Bhranding Equation” (Branding + HR = “Bhranding”), a custom framework designed to help companies tear down the silos between their branding and HR teams and replace those silos with powerful organizational synergies. “The Bhranding Equation” provides CEOs, marketing professionals and HR specialists with a step-by-step approach for working more closely together to build stronger brands and stronger businesses. When you work with Ron for your event, your attendees will be guaranteed to benefit from original concepts, ideas and methodologies to help them build stronger brands and stronger businesses.
Business Experience
Ron has over 20 years of practical, hands-on experience helping companies build stronger brands and stronger businesses. While Ron is passionate about all aspects of branding, he is especially passionate about helping companies build company cultures where hard work, fun and profitability can happily co-exist. Over the years, Ron has taken the lead on a range of brand-related projects, including the development and execution of corporate brand strategy, the conceptualization and implementation of marketing, advertising and social media campaigns, the nurturing of employee engagement, employee experience and employer branding programs as well as the management of communications, public relations and crisis management assignments.
Track Record

Ron has been trusted by a range of clients to deliver engaging content for audiences in Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, The Cayman Islands, The US Virgin Islands, USA, Mexico and Malaysia. Ron has conducted workshops for The Malaysian Insurance Institute, The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (the global body for professional accountants), Caribbean Tourism Organization, Caribbean Export Development Agency, Caribbean Development Bank, Central Bank of Barbados, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Barbados, Nestle Caribbean Youth Summit, The Barbados Chamber of Commerce & Industry, The Barbados Employers’ Confederation, Cayman Islands Society of Human Resources Professionals, Cayman Islands Marketing Association, Human Resources Association of Barbados, Human Resources Association of Trinidad & Tobago, Human Resources Association of Jamaica, Insurance Association of the Caribbean and many other high-profile clients.

Ron’s work in the branding industry has been recognized extensively by his peers and other third parties. Ron has led his company, Blueprint Creative, to three Barbados’ Best Employers Awards wins for its company culture and HR practices, making it the most awarded company in the program’s history. Blueprint Creative has also won several American Advertising Awards for its design prowess, including two prestigious “Best of Print” awards.
Ron is extremely easy to work with. You’ll have no large egos to deal with when booking Ron for your conference, workshop, retreat or keynote — just fascinating content that will leave your audiences energized, invigorated and more prepared to build stronger brands and stronger businesses.
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